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We hope that one of the strengths of the station is we play a variety of classic tracks and items associated with the period, including poetry and documentary items.  This include content from the so called "Beat Generation" a group of American post-World War II writers who came to prominence in the 1950s, as well as the cultural phenomena that they both documented and inspired. You can find examples of their work played every day plus artles on this site. 

You'll notice that you can now donate to our station.  This contribution will help pay for running costs including licences.  We are a commercial-free independant station so please help us to stay this way. 

This station has been featured on an internet radio website. Wavestreaming .com is the latest website to feature the station and to hightlight its scope and the range of music played.  To find out more have a look


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Giants of Jazz Radio is an internet radio station.  This means you can only listen to us via your phone, laptop, tablet or personal computer.  You can also find us via itunes, tunein and other internet directory websites or best of all via our player on this website. 

Do you have a favourite musician from the past you think has been not given the credit he or she deserves.  If you want them to recognied and added to the Hall of Fame contact us. . 

If you can think of someone from the past who you would you nominate to be in the GOJR Hall of Fame leave a message or send an e-mail.

Where would jazz music be without the influence of the piano? It is the equivalent of the elder statesman of jazz which demands the upmost respect. It can play melody, harmony and bass, making it capable of functioning as both an accompanying, as well as a lead instrument. Apart from that, it is a magnificent solo instrument. If that's not enough we can also see that as jazz piano music developed, the rhythm possibilities improved enormously, making this instrument sound like a full orchestra. Throughout the history of jazz there have been many pianists who have produced fine examples of piano jazz and we could spend many hours debating who the best is.

Many argue that the tenor saxophone is the ultimate jazz instrument that is versatile and able to create a variety of moods. Surprising then, that it came from humble beginnings in Belgium in the 1840's when Adolphe Sax put a clarinet-like mouthpiece onto a metal body with a conical shape similar to an oboe and came up with an instrument louder than traditional woodwinds and suitable for military music. Even by the turn of the century its main use was in American vaudeville as a novelty instrument - emulating chicken calls and played with a slap-tongued technique. Its appearance in Jazz music changed all that, and by the 1940's it was central to the overall sound.

From Satchmo himself the first great soloist and the most influential American musician who ever lived through the intrepid young lions realizing the unlimited potential of jazz in the 21st century, trumpeters have been leading from the front for decades. The likes of Freddie Hubbard's higher, faster, louder approach, or the casual nonchalance of Miles and Chet they will all certainly command your attention with their characteristic swagger and confidence. 

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Giants of Jazz Radio plays music spanning a classic period in Jazz history that should not be forgotten. Please help us to get more listeners by spreading the word. We do not take advertising so please help with a donation. Thank you.

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