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The role of the drummer has changed as jazz music evolved. By the 1950's and '60's, the role of the jazz drummer began to shape the music that they were playing in a more melodic and interactive manner. Drummers such as Paul Motian of The Bill Evans Trio, Connie Kay of The Modern Jazz Quartet and Sam Woodyard of The Duke Ellington Band were still involved in their time keeping roles, but in a way that allowed them to play more interactively and expressively. Also during this time the music of Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman, Cecil Taylor and Albert Ayler, along with others, began to demand that the drummer play a very interactive role.

jojones p 2Let's induct one of the very best into the GOJR hall of fame and that's Jo Jones a band leader and pioneer in jazz percussion working with the Count Basie Orchestra 1934 to 1948. " Jo Jones brought a 'smoothness' to the swing pattern which had previously been 'chunky' or 'two-beat' in it's feel. He was one of the first to develop what is now known as the "ride" cymbal pattern, and also began to move the hi-hat from just playing on '2 ' and '4 ', to playing on '4 ' only, or '4 ' of a measure and then on '3 ' of the following measure, as illustrated in the musical example Sweet Georgia Brown,("The Jo Jones Trio")

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